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AMI Days

Oak Ridge
Communication: An alert call, website post, and social media posts will be made to all students and staff announcing AMI school days along with a reminder to complete AMI school work.
Staff Availability: Teachers will be available each AMI day to answer any questions that parents and students might have.  Please email the teacher if you have any questions.  All staff emails are available on our Staff Directory.
Attendance: Students will be required to complete tasks in Math, Science, Social Studies, ELA, and Encore.  To earn full attendance for the day, students must complete all tasks in the AMI daily packet.  These assignments must be turned in within the first 2 days upon returning to school from an AMI day.  Late work will not be accepted after the 2 days.
Instructional Content: Teachers have developed lessons which are relevant to content covered in their classes.  The content in the AMI packets will not present new instruction, it will be extensions and review of content that students already have a background knowledge of from class.  Packets will be distributed to parents/students during Fall Parent Teacher Conferences.  Packets will be sent home with the grade cards of any students whose parents do not attend conferences.